Defining Soil Investigation

Menard’s focus

Since its inception in 1957, Menard is defining what ground improvement means: optimizing the properties of a soil to achieve the optimum geotechnical conditions and bear future surface structures. Our teams  apply innovative solutions that eliminate the need for the deep foundations traditionally used.

In that specialized contracting business, Menard invented and deployed many of the techniques now widely in use including equipment, methodologies of design and quality control. We aim at continuing on that journey, by proposing innovative solutions to help building more efficiently on challenging grounds.

From designing to building, we are experienced in all types of infrastructure, including ports, airports, highways, railwaysbuildingsprocess and energy. Menard operates in among 80 countries through a network of local subsidiaries, which ensures a close understanding of client needs.

Beyond these strong local ties, Menard benefits from global expertise that allows it to undertake major international projects in all parts of the world. Having grown from a family firm, the company today employs more than 1,200 staff worldwide. Placing their wellbeing first, we have made safety our priority. More than a corporate value, it’s a state of mind, a positive attitude that allows us to perform even better.

We solve soil problems

In addition to its core competencies of ground improvement specialist, Menard operates throughout the infrastructure life cycle, offering expertise in soil investigation and remediation through its ConeTec and Remea brands. Those 2 specialties are being developed using the existing Menard network to gain footprint and become worldwide global players in their field.

Soil Investigation

Delineation and characterization of site pollution

Soil Improvement

Installation of structural supports in partnerships with developers

Soil Remediation

Site dewatering / monitoring, treatment of soil and water with third party validation