Bridge at Rosenheim-Aicherpark, Germany


In Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany), construction work on the Schrägseilbrücke cable-stayed bridge over the B15 Westtangente trunk road continues with the ultimate aim of allowing German drivers to bypass the city of Rosenheim.

Begun just a year ago in December 2018, construction work on the bridge over the Mangfall River, the Aicherpark industrial park, the Mangfall Canal and a railway to provide easier access to the Bavarian A8 motorway will take another two full years.

Menard GmbH has been involved since June last year in constructing the foundations for the bridge and ensuring their reliability for the full 480-metre length of the bridge. Located on what was once a very deep glacial lake, the clay soils of Rosenheim and its surrounding area descend for more than 200 metres, requiring the installation of so-called floating raft foundations. In creating the foundations for the bridge, the Menard teams have put their expertise to work in partnership with the German company BAUER.

Three types of technique are needed to improve the soil for this project: piling (BAUER), Controlled Modulus Columns and vertical drains. Menard faces no shortage of challenges, including achieving a record depth of 50 metres without anchoring, at the same time as measuring the precise inclination of the drains and CMCs. So to ensure that the degree of inclination is less than 3% and 1% respectively, sensors are installed on the tip of the drains and at the end of the auger.

The work will be completed in the first quarter of 2020.