East Industrial Area – Free Trade Zone, Egypt

The Suez Canal has connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean for the past century and a half

To accelerate economic development in the strategic region, a free trade zone is under construction in the East Industrial Area of Port Said, the undisputed hub of the eastern Mediterranean.

In September 2016, Menard signed a contract with the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority (EAAF) under which the Group's subsidiary in Cairo is working as main contractor to carry out ground improvement and reinforcement works at the site.

The team faces a triple technical, logistical and production challenge. They need to treat 8 million sq. metres of soft clay soil to expedite the consolidation process and improve load bearing.

Following a campaign of testing and soil reconnaissance, work to install prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) to a depth of 25 metres got under way at the end of 2016. Nearly 20 rigs are currently working at the site.