Nghi Son refinery, Vietnam

Ground improvement for a demanding project

Nghi Son is Vietnam’s second refinery. Menard, which worked on its first refinery, the Dung Quat complex, in 2006, also worked on the second in 2014. The Nghi Son refinery covers an area of 325 hectares and comprises a wide range of infrastructure. It will produce oil and other chemical products.

As part of the project, Menard was in charge of improving an area of nearly 45,000 sq. metres that will support 32 tanks with diameters ranging from 24.1 to 68.7 metres. The Controlled Modulus Column method was used. Three drilling rigs were used to install more than 14,000 columns.

Menard’s stringent Quality, Health, Safety and Environment system and scheduling were an advantage on this project with high QHSE requirements.