Planning rather than rushing

Our conviction is that safety is more than procedures, but relies on behaviour, positive and committed attitude.

Safety is a mindset consisting in planning rather than rushing, stopping works when uneasy and analysing before proceeding. It is about caring for others and for ourselves, simply to come back home safe for our families and loved ones. Every day.


Menard HSEQ director


Menard says STOP

Simplicity is effective, as demonstrated by the STOP (Stop, Think, Organise, Proceed) cards devised by Agra Foundations and Geopac, subsidiaries of Soletanche Bachy and Menard in Canada. The system works as follows: when a dangerous situation is detected on a worksite, any person can hold up his or her STOP card. All activity then stops and is only resumed when the problem has been solved. Given the excellent results of this system, Menard has decided to roll it out across its subsidiaries worldwide.

Safety people

Menard adopted the “Eye on the site” initiative from Soletanche Freyssinet’s safety plan. It consists in appointing a safety person, every week, on every site. In addition to his/her usual tasks, he/she looks after the safety on the site and gathers his/her colleagues for the safety briefings. Until now, it has been a success, with an increased awareness of the teams confirmed by the results on unsafe situations and near misses.

Thinking before you act

Safety according to Frédéric Massé, president of Menard Group USA.

At Menard, we believe good work is closely linked with a good ambiance at work. And because we spend most of our time at work, better have some fun doing it!

The principles we believe in, in terms of management, are those of Servant Leadership, by which each manager is focused on serving his team. We foster pragmatic behavior based on accountability, empowerment and transparency.

If you wish to join our teams and work with passion and fun, apply directly to the Business Unit corresponding to the region you want to work in.

When introduced to a project, we will have a lot of questions before giving any answer. This is simply because we want to understand the needs of the project so as to develop a tailor made solution, not just filling a bill of quantities. Ultimately, we will contract on turnkey basis, guaranteeing technical specs.