Rail & Road

Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada


Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada The project involved the construction of an extension to the existing Ste Anne’s Elementary School located in Ottawa, Ontario. Due to the poor existing ground conditions encountered at site a soil improvement program was required prior to beginning construction. Geopac, the Canadian subsidiary of Menard, proposed a ground improvement [...]

Reconstruction of the national road No. 58, Poland


Reconstruction of the national road No. 58, Poland  Menard Polska was awarded ground improvement works for the modernization of the national road no. 58 between Stare Kiełonki and Zgon.   Under the old road embankment, the soil were mainly made of organic materials such as peat and mud on a variable thickness (from 1 [...]

Forth Replacement Crossing, United-Kingdom


Forth Replacement Crossing, United-Kingdom NEARLY 4,500 CMCs UNDER THE ROAD  Menard and its British subsidiary Vibro Menard won the contract to work on the Forth Replacement Crossing. The project, one of the United Kingdom’s largest currently under construction, involves a road suspension bridge with a metal deck over the Firth of Forth 15 [...]

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