North America

Cement bentonite cut-off wall for a nickel mine, Canada


Cement bentonite cut-off wall for a nickel mine, Canada The cut-off wall was one part of the remediation project of the Vale mine in Thompson. To prevent the tailings from producing acid while reacting with the air, water has to cover them. As a result, the tailings dam needed to be raised and [...]

Annacis Island wastewater treatment plant, Canada


Annacis Island wastewater treatment plant, Canada  In June 2016, following 21 months of work, Menard, working in a joint venture with JJM Construction, completed the reinforcement of about 1.5 million cu. metres of soil as part of the extension of a wastewater treatment plant.  In a demonstration of its agility, Menard's Canadian subsidiary [...]

Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada


Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada The project involved the construction of an extension to the existing Ste Anne’s Elementary School located in Ottawa, Ontario. Due to the poor existing ground conditions encountered at site a soil improvement program was required prior to beginning construction. Geopac, the Canadian subsidiary of Menard, proposed a ground improvement [...]

New container terminal in the port of Charleston, USA


US Wick Drain awarded record-breaking contract in Charleston US Wick Drain, part of Menard Group USA, is starting off the year with a record-breaking contract. The company is installing 28 million linear feet of wick drains to expedite the consolidation of the compressible clays prior to construction of Charleston's new Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. [...]

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