Can we use dynamic replacement in organic soils?

It is possible to use dynamic replacement in organic soils. Dynamic replacement pilars combine to caracteristic features: large diameters (2 to 2.5 metres) and low slenderness ratio. This make dynamic replacement pilars suitable for treating very loose, waterlogged and highly organic soils.

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When should jet grouting not be used?

As a rule, jet grouting suits poorly to soils with blocks and rough gravel, to organic materials. It is not adapted either to soils through which large volumes of water flow.

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Can CMCs be built if groundwater is present?

Groundwater is no obstacle. We can build CMCs rigid inclusions where groundwater is present. Our teams take extra care in this situation. The design is adapted accordingly in cases where the water flow through the soil is high.

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Does Menard Vacuum™ lower the water table?

During the entire pumping operation, the Menard Vacuum™ maintains the water table at the level of the horizontal drain network. This process does not lower the water table within or around the worksite. The vacuum pumps : only the volume of water expelled by the soil during consolidation settlement the residual flow necessary to [...]

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What are the advantages of the Menard Vacuum™?

Menard Vacuum™ can substantially reduce consolidation time. Early pre-loading implemented as soon as the system is in place makes it possible. This goes without risk of ground failure. How so? The vacuum generates an “artificial beam” between the horizontal drains and the membrane. The isotropic nature of the Menard Vacuum™ load combined with the [...]

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Can vertical drains be installed in dry soils?

The main purpose of drains is to provide pore water with an escape path when the soil is subject to stressing due to preloading fill. Consolidation settlement takes place when pore water is removed from saturated soils. It is thus, as a rule, not necessary to install vertical drains if there is no water [...]

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