Mexico City, Mexico

The new international airport in Mexico City : 44 million metres of drains installed in eight months

The new international airport in Mexico City is the country’s largest infrastructure construction project. The airport is being built on the site of a dried-up saltwater lakebed where the ground is made up of clay with water content between 250% and 400%.

As part of this project, Menard won the contract to supply and install prefabricated vertical drains under what will become Runway No. 2. The company installed 44 millions metres of drains within an eight-month period.

This is an all-time productivity record for Menard Mexico. Thanks to the support of various Group entities, the company rapidly assembled 15 operating rigs, some of which can reach depths of 27 metres. To carry out this large-scale project, 150 local employees were trained. The project was handed over in the summer of 2017.