Siemens plant, Germany


Siemens plant, Germany  "One of Siemens' largest projects in Germany in recent years" Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG  The days when the arrival of the shrimpers and the noise of the canning plants set the pace in the German fishing port of Cuxhaven are long gone.  Today, with [...]

Souffelweyersheim, France


Souffelweyersheim, France  Close to  Strasbourg, Menard has completed 530 inclusions for the construction of an industrial building.  At Souffelweyersheim, in the north-east of France, Menard has constructed Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) for the construction of an industrial building.  The site is made up of backfill at the surface level, with low-density loess at the medium [...]

Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada


Sainte-Anne elementary school, Canada The project involved the construction of an extension to the existing Ste Anne’s Elementary School located in Ottawa, Ontario. Due to the poor existing ground conditions encountered at site a soil improvement program was required prior to beginning construction. Geopac, the Canadian subsidiary of Menard, proposed a ground improvement [...]

Reconstruction of Saumur castle’s north rampart, France


Reconstruction of Saumur castle’s north rampart, France To fix the collapsed north rampart of the Saumur castle, Menard repaired the rampart’s foundations from both the inside and the outside of the castle with jet grouting. An electronic surveillance system continuously monitoring the castle’s stability was also installed because the building is an historical [...]

Pré Mayen and Pré Mayen terrasses, France


Pré Mayen and Pré Mayen terrasses, France  The project consisted in creating a property development in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin including four-storey apartment buildings with or without an underground level.   Located about ten kilometres East of Grenoble, the Grésivaudan valley is known for being a level 4 seismic area on a scale of 5. In that [...]

Ports Pulaski Warehouse, USA


Ports Pulaski Warehouse, USA  The Prologis Ports Pulaski Warehouse Project, developed by Prologis, Inc., consisted in building an 82,000 sq. metre logistics facility. Up to six drilling machines worked concurrently to improve the foundation soils for the structure by installing about 12,000 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs). The site, which rests on former landfill [...]

Goya Foods warehouse and corporate headquarters, USA


Goya Foods warehouse and corporate headquarters, USA  The new warehouse and corporate headquarters (totalling 57,000 sq. metres) of Goya Foods required foundation soil improvement. Menard proposed a solution of installing more than 11,000 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs). At the site, construction had to contend with the presence of a former landfill and flooding [...]

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