Shopping centre in Bucharest, Romania


Shopping centre in Bucharest, Romania  On an old landfill, the shopping centre on the outskirts of Bucharest was built using different Menard techniques: stone columns for the deeper layers, Dynamic Compaction and Dynamic Replacement pillars for the top soils. Combining these methods enabled the 40,000 m² building to be built on shallow foundations. [...]

Expansion of a car park in Saint-Laurent du Var, France


Expansion of a car park in Saint-Laurent du Var, France   As part of the expansion and refurbishment of the Cap 3000 shopping centre, in Saint-Laurent du Var, Menard was awarded the contract for the expansion of the corresponding car park.   Located in a Level 4 seismic area, the ground was formed by loose [...]

Anse du Portier, Monaco


Portier Cove reclamation project  The outsized Portier Cove urban extension project will reclaim six hectares of land from the sea to accommodate 60,000 sq. metres of residential space as well as public facilities. To meet the technical and environmental challenges of this colossal undertaking, Menard employed three ground improvement techniques: Vibrocompaction; “bottom feed” [...]

Construction of a tertiary and logistics business park in Trélazé, France


Soil improvement and reinforcement by dynamic compaction The municipality of Trélazé, on the outskirts of Angers, was a major centre for slate-quarrying throughout its long industrial history, from the middle of the 16th century until the eventual closure of the last slate quarries in March 2014. Menard has been working between mid April [...]

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