Fisherman Island, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Fisherman Island, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  In 2009 the largest single-stage treatment of Menard VacuumTM consolidation technique was installed as part of Port of Brisbane’s Fisherman Island expansion project. A significant increase of the Port of Brisbane capacity had been planned, by reclaiming an additional 235 ha of land. Further to the [...]

Decontamination in Mayfield, Australia


Decontamination in Mayfield, Australia  At the site of the former steelworks in Newcastle (New South Wales), Menard constructed a soil-bentonite wall, the deepest in the world, designed to prevent leaching of contaminants into the Hunter River. The up-gradient cut-off wall, 1.5 km long and 28 m to 49 m deep, was constructed to isolate [...]

Oxidation ponds, Christchurch, New Zealand


Oxidation ponds at the Christchurch wastewater treatment plant  To deal with damage to the Christchurch sewer system as a result of the February 2011 earthquake, the city awarded rehabilitation and soil improvement works to March Construction, a New Zealand subsidiary of Menard Bachy. The goal was to reconstruct the levee banks of the [...]

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