Decontamination in Mayfield, Australia 

At the site of the former steelworks in Newcastle (New South Wales), Menard constructed a soil-bentonite wall, the deepest in the world, designed to prevent leaching of contaminants into the Hunter River. The up-gradient cut-off wall, 1.5 km long and 28 m to 49 m deep, was constructed to isolate the contaminated zone from the groundwater. The system is completed by constructing a low permeability horizontal cap effectively preventing ingress of surface water. As a result, the hydraulic gradient between the river and the contaminated zone is progressively exhausted with the amount of contaminants leaching into the river falling rapidly below acceptable levels. 

The Menard group develops foundation solutions based on ground improvement and reinforcement technologies. Its treatments eliminate the need for the deep foundations traditionally used to support surface structures.

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