In-depth treatment

La Mer project consists of the construction of three peninsulas for real estate and recreation. Each peninsula is reclaimed with dredged material and protected/contained by revetments, breakwaters, underwater rock bunds and groynes. The project will innovatively combine upscale living with distinctive retail and leisure attractions, an integrated outdoor living environment. On the North Island and South Island, La Mer will include fully integrated residential neighborhoods that comprise a total of 688 apartments and villas. The project will also launch a range of retail and F&B concepts.


Menard carried out soil improvement across an area of approx.468,000 m². The most suitable technique for deep compaction shall be vibrocompaction with an approx. volume of 7,000,000 mof reclaimed soil expected to be compacted. On completion of the vibrocompaction works Menard also conducted cut and fill works to reinstate the platform to a level of +4.5m followed by surface compaction by High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC).

The Menard group develops foundation solutions based on ground improvement and reinforcement technologies. Its treatments eliminate the need for the deep foundations traditionally used to support surface structures.

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