The multi-purpose terminal in Alexandria port

The port of Alexandria is one of the leading ports in Egypt in terms of commercial traffic. About 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is passing through it.

The new multi-purpose terminal is developed over an area of 560,000 m², in the historical seaport of Alexandria. It comprises the construction of quay wall fully equipped to accommodate large container vessels: 2480-meter length of berths, 17-meter water depth allowing the handling capacity to increase from 15 to 18 million tons per year, and the record-handling of 1 250 000 containers.

This terminal increases Alexandria port classification which will have a positive effect in maritime transport system.

An extensive soil investigation campaign

This multi-purpose terminal project has been awarded to a consortium of two contractors: Edecs and El Gharably. Menard have been awarded the soil improvement works by both contractors and performed an extensive soil investigation campaign using CPT to evaluate the design and to confirm the quality of the soil after the completion of the works.

Several techniques implemented for the ground improvement works

Following the soil investigation campaign, Menard started the soil improvement works with the aim to increase the bearing capacity, control the future settlement, and enable the execution of the vertical elements. It included:

The Menard group develops foundation solutions based on ground improvement and reinforcement technologies. Its treatments eliminate the need for the deep foundations traditionally used to support surface structures.

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