Ports & Airports

Rehabilitation of the basin of the Dunkirk Port, France


Rehabilitation of the basin of the Dunkirk Port, France  As part of the rehabilitation of a basin in the Port of Dunkirk, Menard was awarded the construction of a sheet pile wall, the creation of anchors, the filling and the construction of a new quay as well as the demolition of the old [...]

Port of Dakar, Senegal


Port of Dakar, Senegal  In 2009, DP World started the construction of the “port of the future”, the third container terminal of the port of Dakar. On the same area backfilled in 2007, Menard has been selected to carry out ground compaction works. Following a soil testing campaign carried out in 2008, Menard [...]

Fisherman Island, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Fisherman Island, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  In 2009 the largest single-stage treatment of Menard VacuumTM consolidation technique was installed as part of Port of Brisbane’s Fisherman Island expansion project. A significant increase of the Port of Brisbane capacity had been planned, by reclaiming an additional 235 ha of land. Further to the [...]

East port Saïd, Egypt


Port Said, Egypt The Suez Canal has connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean for the past century and a half. To accelerate economic development in the strategic region, a free trade zone is under construction in the East Industrial Area of Port Said, the undisputed hub of the eastern Mediterranean.  In September [...]

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