Vibro Menard awarded for Sustainability

Dunkettle Infrastructure Upgrade Project, Cork, Ireland.

Vibro Menard attended in November 2021 the Sisk supply chain awards and were presented with the Sisk award for Sustainability for their efforts on the Dunkettle Upgrade project in Cork, Ireland.

Dunkettle details a major infrastructural upgrade of the existing interchange to allow free flow passage to the city from the east, the M8 Dublin road to the north and the N40 south ring road through Jack Lynch tunnel.

Vibro Menard won the award for Sustainability through the teams’ efforts to significantly reduce the projects impact on the environment. This was gained predominantly through Vibro Menard’s strong geotechnical design capacity which allows significant reduction in the CO2 footprint generated from the foundation scope when compared with the CFA and precast ground beam solution initially proposed on the project. There were also the positive knock on effects that this type of solution has on the embankment and bridge structure design allowing for a far more flexible solution.

Technical Expertise – Environmental Commitment

The solution proposed by Vibro Menard detailed a combination of pre-fabricated vertical drains (PVD) and Controlled modulus columns (CMC’s).

The team for this project is made up of several different agencies within the Menard group lead by Vibro Menard with the participation of Menard Poland, Menard Exports and has set the stage of intensifying the presence of Menard in Ireland off the back of this project.

After initially overcoming the challenges presented by Brexit and the Covid pandemic, the site team were able to get to work.

The project is made up of 8 different work areas within one large project with each zone presenting its own and unique challenges for the Vibro Menard team. With combinations of up to 8m of made ground over 10-15m of soft soils in some areas, the project has been an immense challenge on all fronts including but not limited to design, transport, client relationship & execution.

The project started at the end of June and was due to last approximately 6 months. Due to the efforts of all concerned, the Vibro Menard team are due to finish just ahead of schedule in mid December. Well done to all concerned!