Vertical drain

East port Saïd, Egypt


Port Said, Egypt The Suez Canal has connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean for the past century and a half. To accelerate economic development in the strategic region, a free trade zone is under construction in the East Industrial Area of Port Said, the undisputed hub of the eastern Mediterranean.  In September [...]

Spaceship Ariane 5 launch pad in Kourou, French Guyana


Foundations of one of the most heavily loaded railways in the world For the foundations of one of the most heavily loaded railways in the world (2,000 tons of the space rocket), Menard developed an alternate solution combining dynamic replacement and vertical drains as an alternative to excavation and replacement of the mangrove, a [...]

New container terminal in the port of Charleston, USA


US Wick Drain awarded record-breaking contract in Charleston US Wick Drain, part of Menard Group USA, is starting off the year with a record-breaking contract. The company is installing 28 million linear feet of wick drains to expedite the consolidation of the compressible clays prior to construction of Charleston's new Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. [...]

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