Dynamic replacement

Siemens plant, Germany


Siemens plant, Germany  "One of Siemens' largest projects in Germany in recent years" Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG  The days when the arrival of the shrimpers and the noise of the canning plants set the pace in the German fishing port of Cuxhaven are long gone.  Today, with [...]

Shopping centre in Bucharest, Romania


Shopping centre in Bucharest, Romania  On an old landfill, the shopping centre on the outskirts of Bucharest was built using different Menard techniques: stone columns for the deeper layers, Dynamic Compaction and Dynamic Replacement pillars for the top soils. Combining these methods enabled the 40,000 m² building to be built on shallow foundations. [...]

Fonyed highway, Hungary


Fonyed highway, Hungary  Dynamic Replacement pillars were proposed by Menard to improve more than 400,000 m² of peat and clay soils as deep as 10 m along Highway M7 near Lake Balaton. This solution was the most competitive and fastest way to ensure the embankment’s stability and to meet the strict differential settlement [...]

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